This is my other amazing neurologist at Mayo Clinic Hospital...in Phoenix, AZ.... Dr. Bert B. Vargas. This man rocks not just how he does his work, but his attitude is like a real friendship, caring soul who pushes all cards to make EVERYTHING happen for his patients. 

I flew into Phoenix in the middle of my vacation in FLORIDA, to see him for my normal injections. But the scheduler didn't have me set up for both, just the Botox one. Which has ALMOST always done great work on my surgical site on my head from all 3 of my brain surgeries. But I've had a couple mighty failures when this DOC wasn't the one able to do it. And price was paid. So we had hilarious stories to share starting with my drama or the last one I had by someone else that made me visit the ER at least 5 times from however she did it wrong. This doc knows my surgical area, where to put more and less, and gentleness. Then when found out I was not scheduled for the nerve block, he told me to hang tight in the waiting area, see what cancellations come up, or short appointments! I was more then willing, otherwise he had me booked pronto for the next morning at 7:30. 

He came running out to bring me back, excited he could do it all in one day, little time. We both are just so humbled and honored by the other-which makes it all so much more amazing. The docs I have there that care like that-Him and Dr. Joseph F Drazkowski, I will never part with until both retire- no matter which Mayo I live closest to! 

These are the types of neurologists of all types you should have. The caring ones that know you by name, and history. These people are people that matter and receive more than 5 stars in my life!!!

Blessings to you all....any questions....I am always open!


Hetty Siebens 

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