Long Time Later

Mom and Daughter

I felt awful, responsible at first when she was six. She had a couple doozy seizures prior when very young, but they had seemed to dissipate. I was so grateful to God. My mother always felt at fault for birthing me this way--but God always has a reason. It was a bit tougher on me in one way to not feel responsible for her having epilepsy-as for I have it, and had it all thru pregnancy. She was medicated in me. But gratefully, I accepted Jesus along the way after I had her--which gave me peace and clarity He has purpose.
I just got out of the hospital here at Mayo, again...having to switch medications. They are harsh on my bad kidney. But shortly after we saw Tory's neurologist who wants to run EEG and in patient again, to see how and if activity is there anymore, or now. Taking her off that small dose of medication soon would be a blessing. I've been on strong stuff my whole life-and it tears your body down. So I am grateful to God for at least this chance. As for I have been thru the ringer as an adult with it-not many cases like this--and I would be gracious if she got a shot at NO brain surgeries--especially not 3!!! The first and second were smooth-- the 3rd was too except for the after-math. That one was done awake. I had it done 12th of Feb 2010- I am just now getting back on my feet from extreme body pain--I am so grateful...

Here is an older video explaining what was going on....

Blessings to ALL!!

Hetty Siebens


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