Jesus Heals

Epilepsy took a toll on me-for the past 2 years, 10 years, really all my life. But these last 2 years hit a toll - one that I thought I'd never make it thru--but God provides. Even when we do waver or think He has busted out on us---deep down we know better, which is why we bawl everytime we try to be BIG and tough and not need HIM!! We need Him for every thing-- or we wouldn't be breathing. I have been blessed with my 2nd go around family - we all love our Lord strongly-help pick the other up when down. Unfortunately when basically born with illness, the other very well- that person is doing most the "helping Up" in life. So illness is stressful as ever for us-- but is also beyond so for our family-- just remember that.

Gratefully since the two year battle of severe body pain I had after my 3rd awake brain surgery- I've gained blessings yet lost others due to the extreme cut out-- but have been healing from the extreme pain over the last two years-and almost instantly when we moved back to AZ-- for that I am ever so grateful!!

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