Healing Steps


Tory's 9th birthday was such a blessing!!! Yes, she got the great gifts she loves... got the amazing family from mom and dad and uncle to her cousins and aunt she loves dearly!! She got all that love she adores-and was able to return it!! She is such a precious jewel from our true gift-Jesus Christ. He blessed us big time with such a precious soul like Tory.
I felt deep emotions for the first time in a long time. I just had to figure them out. The first were elated "happy" tears-that I was so well for THIS birthday for Tory. I've always put together good birthday's and great history of them all. But this was the FIRST since her birth I was seizure free-very well for. That grabbed tears of joy, as I took the pictures I had taken and made music videos. Her smiles were so amazing.
Then came tears of loss. Loss of time. Loss of what I would have done over the years had I been more "well." This struck me because I was going on a field trip with Tory. We had been counting down days. Yet the night before, Tory had the "if I can go" statement. And that shook me. Who told her I wasn't going? Did she not want me there? So I asked her why she still wondered if I'd make it. And it was because of how sick I have been over the years-not able to do as much, or always follow thru. My heart sank. She was so sweet about it. Just making sure I feel good and my head doesn't hurt bad from surgery. But THIS IS MY KID. I love she loves me like that. But she shouldn't worry if I am going now. I am well-and will strive to make it all. We just hugged and talked about the prior years. I let her know Jesus has His arms always wrapped around us.... and if anything changes, she is sure one strong kid with an amazing heart thru Christ. But give any worries to HIM and talk to me!!!!  :)  It was a great field trip after that.
It is amazing what having a long term illness can do to how other people live. It is something when is healed, that has to be talked about-on how all are feeling about it now. Big change both ways.
She is such a doll. But is also amazing what is in their thoughts-which is why Jesus likes us to pray. To love-to yoke-to bring up-and to LISTEN.
Sometimes can be hard to listen to your 9 year old when you already have your directions in mind. But we sure need to.
Love you all....

In His Grip,


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