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I had an amazing appointment with my awesome neurologist Dr. Joseph F. Drazkowski at Mayo Hospital here in Phoenix, AZ. I was able to walk in with such cheer and smiles… which comforted HIM BIG-after we hugged he was able to sit down in relief!! Relief of no seizures this time!! No awful side effects or loss of sight or memory etc. It is honestly amazing how much the doctors heart truly is in it for the patients as well-which we always need to remember. I have seen this awesome neurologist for over 8 years, been thru so many “answers” together, that didn’t fall thru-yet we kept pushing forward, as Drazkowski knew we’d find an answer! He always had great positivity, and I am ever so grateful!!
We were able to share stories of what was going on in the eight weeks of recovery for me. What all I was doing. How quick I recovered. How exciting this is. Compared it to the 2 prior resections, in amazement!! We shared time with family during holidays- (which is always a fun story!!) He loves to see if I do make it thru family SEIZURE FREE!! We all know that can be stressful!!! I sure do!! It was great talks of past times I was so thankful for- Jesus guiding me to call him the night I overdosed so much I shouldn’t be here. He very much took care of that. This is one neurologist that truly never gives up on anything. Which is why when Obamacare begins to light up, and will show any change in seeing him, or his pay-anything… my blood begins to boil!!
So to end our talk about that… Obamacare-and how all the docs at Mayo would like him to kindly change his mind and focus on happiness of foreign countries or getting oil prices back down, whatever… he had to show me one of the new annoying implemented papers for it…. AT EVERY APPOINTMENT I am supposed to sign this paper that yaps about how many times the doc washed his hands-TWICE, answered questions, had on jacket- etc…. etc.. Even have a nurse that scopes the floors to interrupt and ask herself to double-check, like a cold call. Just thought this was ridiculous! People know how to call Patient Care, and my neurologist took care of me with one complaint I had about the doc prior him one time two years ago!! This is childish.
I have grown up… haven’t you? More paper, more trees, more trash. God only knows what this will do with the Obamacare even more.
Either which way, without it fully in control, last Tuesday, I had a marvelous follow-up with my neurologist Dr. Drazkowksi, who means the world in neurology, psychology, and care to me. I will not gamble that!! The White House looks like they need repetitive letters!!
Blessings all!! Pray you all are well!! Those who aren’t– Mayo is amazing!!!
In His Love,
Heather Siebens  @AliveinMe  @EpilepsyCures


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  1. Hetty, I'm thrilled and blessed that God put the right neurologist in your life to bring you to the remarkable place of living seizure free. It's been a long long road for you, but I have all faith, that you are healed!! Hugs to you, Jeanne.