Seizure FREE

Who out there has been praying--asking--begging to be seizure free? Whether several months, years, decades... I know so many. I sure have been one of them. 
I was born with epilepsy basically. Five months old was the first, one year old was the medicated time forward. All my childhood, they were NEVER controlled. But they were a type that had a HUGE aura, warning, to tell me when to be in a safe place. As a child who is busy, living on the edge, that was a blessing from God. They were under control completely for the first time when I was 17-22. Then about 22, due to stress in my first marriage, my seizures began to change some--from atypical absence seizures--to complex partial seizures. And then I got pregnant...and they really hit a doozy. Talk about worsening. BUT ALL FOR AN AMAZING GIFT...my child Tory...never would I change a thing.
Thru all that, and a rough marriage, led to multiple brain resections. For that I am ever grateful. I learned the hard way how to find Jesus after my first brain surgery...worth every bit of suffering to find out THE REASON WE ARE HERE! Then, when found Him.. struggled thru addictions to numb pain--until I REALLY REALIZED it was to give ALL TO HIM... HE HAS ALL PLANS... that was when all things began to unfold for good!! In hard times, HE BROUGHT GREAT RESULTS...with trust and patience!! And I am forever grateful.
I was able to reach out help others thru my tough times, and learning. I was able to keep my light burning bright FOR HIM--thru ALL CIRCUMSTANCES... knowing He has awesome plans for you thru ALL-- ALL... just hold on tight with TRUST.. love Him and be obedient! HE HAS MORE TO COME!
And with all our stuff we touch peoples lives... some we know, some we don't. We help bring others to our Lord and Savior. We help others turn back to Him. We have others begin to wonder!! Planting of the Seed! We shouldn't dwell on tough times...be glad! As for He has plans for it all-- for HIS GLORY!! Be honored!!
My 3rd brain surgery just amazed me!! The surgery didn't. How HE watched and guided the surgeons, had everyone praying, kept everyone calm...HE AMAZED ME!!! Awake brain surgery. Only Christ could have someone be like me... so CALM and excited to be awake during brain surgery. He just amazed me... and I am sure ASTOUNDED my neurosurgeon, for me being so laid back and calm!! He is one amazing God.. why worry!!??
Know... He was and is there every step of the way. I KNOW THIS FACE TO FACE FOR IT ALL... AND DURING AWAKE BRAIN SURGERY!!! As I sit here typing seizure free still... I am twice as grateful. He just amazes me more and more every day... but I do know, prayers never stop. And I am here for answers, and prayers for all. Know that... @AliveinMe and @EpilepsyCures As for I am forever grateful!

Blessings... know HE IS WITH YOU, ALWAYS!

In His Grip,


Isaiah 58:11 The LORD will guide you continually, giving you water when you are dry and restoring your strength. You will be like a well-watered garden, like an ever-flowing spring.

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