Heather's Journey - Day 7

It's Superbowl Sunday! Not that Heather could care less...but I think there is some symbolism and irony in today. Congratulations to the Saints for winning their first Superbowl...job well done.
As exciting as the Super Bowl is I know there are many more important things in life than football. As Heather sits in her hospital bed she continues to remain upbeat about her present situation and positive about her future. Last night was a difficult night..so much so that Heather now has a dedicated nurse on call 24/7 for her pain issues. The Dr's want to help control her pain so they can begin to analyze her brain activity. Nothing further can be done until she has more seizure activity so a surgical gameplan can be developed. So as difficult as this is to write..please pray for seizures. Pray that they will identify the exact location that can be removed and pray that section is resectable without negative effects for Heather. With God all things are possible...we are confident in that.
As I was watching the Superbowl tonight..I contemplated about what a "Saint" really means...According to Websters Dictionary a "saint" is: "A person of great holiness". Although many of us have "holy" moments... The only person I know who of great holiness was Jesus Christ. As earthly sinners we are far from saints...however, through the amazing power, grace and mercy of our Lord we have the ability to put on Christ and be His hands and feet on this side of heaven. Our "gameplan" should be that of a saint. I know neither Heather nor I are a saint..boy do we have stories...:), but it is our goal to be more "saint-like" and that is only possible through the power of our Lord. Saints also usually have to go through pain and suffering in their life. Jesus said we must "take up our cross daily and follow Him"..Heather talks about the Apostle Paul and the fact that he had a "thorn" that he had to deal with daily in his life. That "thorn" is never really identified..but despite his thorn, he impacted the world for his Savior. Heather wants to be a Paul...and she is willing to live with a thorn if that is the will of God.
I know that Heather truly appreciates the amazing encouragement and outpouring of love from so many across the world. Please continue your encouragement. It means the world to both Heather and I...But also please join us in playing the game...develop your gameplan...join the team and do your best to become a saint. Individually we can make some good plays, but together we can win the SuperBowl!

Until tomorrow...Blessings from Heather and I. We love you.


  1. I'm praying for Heather, and for you and your beautiful daughter.

  2. Hetty... your dear Christian is not just a pilot but a powerful preacher!! Preacher man.. Praise the Lord. This post/ update was so very very profound. Thats all I can say except I love you both and am indeed praying the "hard" prayer for seizures now. Thank God for the pain help she is getting....may they finally manage our sister's pain so that she can minister without hindrance.

    Heather... paul.. Yep.. less of me More of Jesus.. that is the game plan for this old saint. Love you both

  3. I am glad the pain issue is being addressed...and also the doc see what needs to be done...hard to pray for seizures .... but God 's will be done....

  4. Wonderful blog. Full of godly insight!

    As hard as it is to do, for a friend that I love, I will pray that the seizures increase and that all the data necessary for a successful resection with NO DAMAGE can be collected.

    May God ease Hetty's pain & bring all that is necessary to pass in His time while undergirding all of you!

    Love in Christ!

  5. WOW! Even at your weakest you show strength in God! I am praying for you and your family often as you continue your healing and discovery process.

    Just know that MANY are lifting you up in prayer.

    Here's to a swift recovery!

    In His loving hands.