Heather's Journey Day 4 & 5

First off...please accept my apology for not getting an update done last night. In all honesty..I got caught up in my daughter's homework and was too tired to sit down and blog when we were done..So tonight will be a combination of Day 4 and 5.
Heather has been experiencing more pain than the last surgery. Not really certain why..but it probably has to do with the extra time Dr. Zimmerman spent trying to separate her Dura from the surface of the brain. Yesterday Heather spent most of the day sleeping...they did remove her IV's and put in a PICC in her bicep. All I can say is OUCH! She was telling me that they have to monitor the insertion of the PICC very closely..it is a dangerous procedure if not done correctly. I remember Heather's last PICC procedure. The hospital had to get my permission to do a PICC because of the risk. Heather was still incoherent and I was her Power of Attorney. Fortunately everything went well this time..except she did mention that the PICC line got too close to her heart and it made her heart beat over 150 beats/min...so they had to back it out and start over!! You may have also noticed from the pictures Heather posted that someone got into her room and tried to steal her computer...After a major fight, Heather won...but the intruder left her with a black eye. I would not want to see what the intruder looks like!! No one gets between Heather and her computer! :)
Today when I got to the hospital I was pleasantly surprised to find a glowing Heather..sitting up and typing away on her computer! Praise the Lord! She looked and sounded fantastic. The pain is still throbbing in her head...but it was controlled a bit better. We were able to eat dinner together. Heather has not been eating much..so to see her eat made me smile.;) We had a very enjoyable time with each other..took some pictures, talked about the future and even had a few laughs. That is actually not a good thing since laughing makes her hurt more..but from my standpoint it was fun...and in reality I know she enjoyed it as well. It's funny that when I look back on Heather's hospital stays in the past..many of the memorable nights are of us sitting together, holding hands and laughing. There are a few scary moments as well..but fortunately we have been blessed and Heather is always sucha positive patient that the good memories outway the bad.
The Dr's are going to begin to ween her off her epilepsy med's tonight. They want to begin the process of stressing her brain and reviewing the data from the probes in her brain. Fortunately both Dr.Zimmerman and Dr. Drazkowski are working this weekend..so she can actually progress with her treatment rather than just sitting in the hospital all weekend waiting for the Dr's to return!
I stand amazed and feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to interact with so many amazing people Heather has as friends. As I'm sure Heather has mentioned..I am a bit introverted when it comes to new relationships...but this experience has really opened my eyes to the wonders of fellowship and God's perfect love. I look forward to furthering my relationships with you all and pray Heather and I will be able to personally meet many of you and express our deep appreciation for your sincere care for our family.
May God grant us all the ability to support each other in both good times and bad. We are a family through Him.

Until tomorrow...Blessings to you all.

Christian Siebens  @flyingchristian


  1. Christian thanks for the latest update on Hetty. She is a a strong and courageous women. So blessed to know both of you will continue to lift Hetty and you and Tory in my prayers. Love you all. Hugs and Blessings

    PS heres someone whose prayin 4 you hetty as well.
    (Karen Kingsbury- Yes, Katie - we will pray for Hetty. Dear Lord, please be with Hetty - and let her know that people care for her. Touch her with Your healing touch, in Jesus' name, amen.)
    Yup you are truly inspiring through JESUS. Love you my friend.

  2. Christian

    Your updates mean so very much. I am honored that the Lord has seen fit to allow us to be involved in this together. He's enriched my life by getting to know Heather. And my faith is encouraged as I see the sweet love between the two of you. With our quick IM tonight... I was blessed to know that deep in your soul you have no worries. That my brother is divine.

    And just this evening I was sharing some things from Hetty's blog with my husband... and some things from your previous tweets. And I said.. you'll be meeting them Tommy.. as I am confident that the Lord has plans for us...this is no accident that we've been weaved together.

    Yes He has a plan.. a future and a hope. The ending we know.. He is ultimately glorified for the risen King Eternal that He has always been. Yet our path to this point is un-certain. We hold onto the only thing that never changes.. His Word and His love. O let us exalt the name of the Lord together... Praise Him.. Praise Him! And of course the prayers remain stedfast for Hetty for you and for Tory. And.. I can't help but be praying for those she is coming in contact with while in the hospital. Both in person and online. The Spirit of the Living God is revealing Himself through such a time as this. God Bless You

  3. I am continueing to pray you through this journey. I cannot imagine going through this again, as I was in that very position 2 years ago. I am amazed at God's goodness in answering His promises of peace, strength, and comfort when we are at our weakest. I know that He is cpable of more then we can even fathom, and I know that even now He is working each detail. I will continue to lift the three of you up to Him.