Heather's Journey - Day 1

Heather has been in the hospital for 24 hours...and the journey continues. I will do my best to summarize the events and my thoughts for each day.

Day 1 - Feb 1, 2010

She was in great spirits heading into the hospital..In usual Heather fashion her sense of humor was strong about the entire situation and she appeared to have zero concern over the events to unfold. She is a strong woman..with a strong faith. I admire her so...
The surgery was scheduled for 3 hours with Dr. Zimmerman. The same Dr. that has performed her other two surgeries. I left her side at 10:00am and she was off with a smile. Her father joined me in the waiting area for a couple of hours and he was able to get my mind off of the things unfolding for Heather. I tried to do my best to keep all of you updated via my iTouch...I hope it made sense. This was the first time I have ever used this device. :) I am not quite as 'techy" as my wife..I guess I am just too old. :) I was finally called into a conference with Dr. Zimmerman around 3:00pm. His first words were..."It didn't go as well as I would have hoped". Not a good way to start the conversation. Apparently he had a difficult time dealing with the scarring from the previous surgery's. He wanted to insert 4 grids in her temporal and frontal lobes..but was only able to complete 3 of the 4. The Dura around the surface of the brain at her last surgical site would not separate from the brain itself..he told me he attempted to separate this for sometime..but gave up when it became clear he could cause permanent damage to the brain. He "hoped" he had not caused any damage in this process...but that was unclear since she was still recovering from surgery and not coherent yet. He left the meeting to go back to her and conduct some post op tests.
I must say the next 3 hours were painful as I pondered if her brain functions were damaged in anyway and if the lack of inserting all the grids would affect their ability to do the "true" surgery later in this journey. Finally i was able to see her around 5;30pm..which lifted a weight off my shoulders. She looked great. Minimal bruising..just a bit puffy..all her senses seemed to be working with the exception of speaking..however, I believe that was more due to the sore throat she has from the operation breathing tube than anything else.

Now that I have been with her all night..she is speaking fine..in pain..but it appears there was no damage done in surgery. Her pain meds are only lasting about an hour and her left ankle is hurting for some reason...other than that her vitals appear good. I am being told that by the end of today she would be moved from ICU and into a room on the neurological floor of the hospital.

I stand amazed at the incredible outpouring of love, concern and prayers for Heather and our family from each of you. Our faith is strong and I know the perfect will of Jesus will be glorified thru this journey...however, having the love of so many sure helps us draw continued strength.

On behalf of Heather, myself and Tory...may God Bless each of you.
In His Grip,
Christian Siebens @flyingchristian for @AliveinMe / @EpilepsyCures


  1. I'm watching closely for updates. We're still praying.

  2. Christian,

    You have no idea how much these updates mean to those of us who are praying with you and Heather. I was thinking yesterday and if as many people were passing on your updates to as many people as I was.. there are likely hundreds of thousands of folks approaching the throne of grace on her behalf.

    Today I will focus my prayers on her pain. Sometimes when they want to be sure of someone's neurological status they tend to go light on the meds. Maybe now that she is talking and responding appropriately they will up the meds so she won't have break thru pain. Maybe you can mention this to her.

    You both are such a precious testimony of our Lord Jesus and the absolute hope one can have in the midst of all circumstances. You encourage the body of Christ and He draws in those who do not yet see by their interest in your story and then the love and hope you both live. Praise Him.. Yes we have a sure foundation that cannot be moved.

    He is indeed more than able to do exceeding abundantly beyond all we could ever ask or think.

    God Bless you Christian.. and my dear Hetty!


    PS ankle pain??? I remember the area of my arterial line hurting nearly as bad as my neck and eye the first night of brain surgery. Maybe there is a line in her ankle? Or the mast boots are too tight at the bottom of her ankle? Just trying to figure. But today if you are moving to the floor.. some of the extra lines will be removed.

  3. Thanks for the update Christian! You're doing an excellent job keeping all of us informed. :) Will continue to pray; sending much love to you & your family. May the Lord continue to be your STRENGTH, HOPE and PEACE.

  4. While some in this world are willing to die for Him, it takes far more courage, faith and commitment to LIVE for Him when there is great pain and fear in our lives.

    May his Love continue to Bless you and give you the Strength and Courage to get through these difficult times.

    One can clearly see how much He has touched your lives so far. May this continue as you continue in your Love and Faith.

    May Heather's pain diminish and her healing be guided by His Loving hands.


  5. I will be praying for her and your family:)

  6. Sebastian,

    What a wonderful outcome - God takes but also gives. He has given you back Hetty, maybe not in the exact way - but he knows when enough is enough and has guided the Surgeon in that.

    Your courage in such adversity, is amazing, I would be in tears!

    Give Hetty our love and be assured that we are all praying for her and your whole family.

  7. I have been praying for your her for several weeks and I long for when I can see her posting again and perhaps see her in person. :D Continuing in prayer!

  8. Thank you for keeping us updated! I continue to pray for Heather and know that God is going to get all of you through this trying time! My love and prayers to all.

    Julia Wallace

  9. I thank Jesus for each of you... make this easier to get thru... with prayer to Him!! God bless you all!!!

  10. Joining in with the love crowd praying for you and your family Heather. As your sister in Christ, I'm so proud of you and your trust in our good and powerful Father God! Thank you for living it so real for all of us and others who I am sure are "watching". Taking communion for you right now as a reminder to me of the healing he secured for us and an "in your face" to the devil. "To Life and wholeness"! In Jesus name! Hugs!

  11. Heather, I'm here in the love crowd praying for you and your family! As your sister in Christ, I'm so proud of how you represent! God is so pleased with you. Taking communion right now for you as I remember His healing provision (thank you Jesus for going thru that for Hetty) and as an "in your face" to the devil (you and all your cronies were triumphed over at the cross). Hugs and love sista!!!