Heather's Epilepsy Journey - Day 9

Today I am going to leave the update to my wife..the amazing Heather Siebens aka @AliveinMe - In her own words....
Posted 9 hours ago
I wound up having weird seizures throughout the night. That is always blissful, when they can see the seizure-before you know!! Then come rushing in as if you are about to die!! Perfect time early early morning!! But any way-is a great way...
They came to talk. I was so blessed because my head was wakened by my nurse who had to give me a morning pill after all the chaos earlier, and check my BP etc before her shift ended. I woke up without a head THROB! Thank you all for your prayers!! Just after I was able to use the bathroom, I was up for the rest of the morning at 7:10-- in time to see my neurosurgeon come in thrilled with all going on.
He had them run that brain stimulation testing--BIG reason for all the depth wires in my brain. And it was to look at language-both reading/comprehending and very much able to read, fluently still. While they shut different parts off more... I had one odd reaction-nothing big... but my mind was all in tact, understanding, and knowing the words etc,,, but a flashing light would go off in my upper peripheral vision. Then one other at the end slowed some concentration... but otherwise ALL IS CLEAR that they are concerned about, to take out!
This has always been uncomfortable first having this first electrode surgery-- as for things in your brain is not normal.. but thru all your kind words, PRAYERS, and love-- I had an awesome day today!! Hardly any pain... to God be the Glory always. He knows the time-HIS TIME. And I sure praise Him.
They always want a couple more seizures for surgery-but they have so many of mine that it is a weird blessing. So few more nights of this wire stuff... then they will be resecting!! AMEN!

Love you all! All of you have been praying since Jan, 2009!!!! WOW--it is finally HERE! AMEN!!!

In His Love,

Heather Siebens @AliveinMe @EpilepsyCures
480-717-1018 (cell)
480-342-0511 (my room)
Mayo Hospital
5777 E Mayo Blvd
(RM 5W-11)
Phoenix, AZ 85054

Jesus...To you be all the Glory, Honor and Praise. May your name be glorified by our lives as we strive to walk for you...

This is getting exciting!

Until tomorrow...


  1. Hetty,

    Sometimes I wonder if I would have your courage and faith in such adversity, than I read again, your messages and I am inspired.

    God is with you here and now, his presence in your journey is wonderful and joyful. Praise the Lord.

  2. Hetty dearest,

    It's so good and assuring to know of God's mercy, love and glory working and shining gloriously in you always. Your hub and Tory are God's angels sent forth to you to enable you to brave all kinds of storms in your life.

    For all the pain you have and are still going through, God will not let it be in vain. There are purposes in your pain and God will use it in His mysterious ways to glorify His Kingdom.

    Lots of love,

  3. Hi,Hetty,
    Its really amazing His ways are too amazing, Our prayers are still there. He will heal you. Get well soon my dear sis. committing all the dear ones connected with you including Doctors, Nurses and the whole hospital team. May God give them needed wisdom to deal with you. My dear friend get well soon
    Philip & fly