Heather's Epilepsy Journey - Day 11

The time has come...
Let's get ready to rumble...
Now or never...
Brain surgery or bust..
Ready or not her it comes...

I guess you get the idea. Tomorrow morning is the day Heather has waited 5 yrs to arrive. She goes into surgery around 8:00am. It will not be a simple surgery, but we have faith and complete confidence that Jesus will shine...and we will all give Him glory. I know His plans will be completed in her..I just pray those plans match up with our hopes and desires.

You would all be proud of my girl. She is excited and giddy. You would think she is getting married tomorrow not having surgery. :) The only ill effects she has at this moment is withdrawl symptoms from not being on her normal meds. She is a bit shaky and is having trouble sleeping. We know these symptoms will go away after the surgery...and hopefully in the not to distant future she will have to go thru withdrawl for good since she won't have to be on meds any longer!!! Make it so Lord! ;)

An update on my post from last night regarding her hearing issues.... Apparently she has fluid on her brain and in her inner ear. The fluid is causing sound to echo and take longer to reach her left eardrum compared to the right. so everything is in stereo...Paying that will go away after the surgery as well.

I will be here the next 48 hours and keep everyone up to date on her progress via Twitter and Facebook.

Heather and I want to thank each of you for being on this journey with us. You have made it a blessed trip and we look forward to the first day of the rest of lives tomorrow..no matter what that holds.

Where two or three are gathered..Jesus is in the midst of them. Be with us tomorrow..I want Jesus holding her hand.

We love you all....


  1. Lord thank you for Hetty. Lord I ask that you protect Hetty tomorrow as she goes in for her last surgery. Lord hold her close. Lord guide the surgens. Lord and when the drs need to awaken her to see her speech and whatever else they test give her strength. Lord I know you are in cha...rge. Lord keep my friend safe. Lord please. Lord comfort Christian as he sits in the waiting room and waits for words that Hetty is fine and is in recovery. Lord again thank you for Hetty. AMEN. Hetty Love you. And cannt wait to hear all about this when you get home.

  2. Prayers continue for you and your precious family. You hang in there girlfriend. The Great Physician has everything under control. Love ya! Debbie

  3. Dear Hetty,
    I pray that all works out well for you.
    May God Bless you.