Day 6 - Heather's Journey Continues...

The weekend has arrived, but to Heather the days are beginning to run together. She usually keeps the lights off and the shades pulled to minimize her headache activity. It seems to me that she is beginning to get anxious for the pain to lighten up. Who would blame her! She also is complaining of a few issues that begin to occur when you are in bed and not moving for so long. But she remains strong, positive and motivated to do everything possible to make this surgery as much of a success as possible.
Today she was visited by a number of friends and relatives...When I arrived the room was full of flowers, cards, books, stuffed animals...she is fortunate to have so many people that love her..I know it helps to have people visit to pass the time and provide encouragement..but can cause headaches to increase..but don't be fooled, she is a trooper and would never pass up the opportunity to spend time with all!
Please pray for her as the Dr's begin to remove more of her meds and work to begin their testing...I hate to think of her having seizures, but I know this is a required step..so she is in the hands of Jesus. I know He will watch over her and protect her during these difficult days. Also..please continue to pray for her to be delivered from so much pain. I just got a text from her saying she is throwing up again due to the pain...I feel lost and don't know what to do other than lean on Jesus and all of you..she needs your prayers and we thank Jesus in advance for listening to the prayers you are lifting up on her behalf.
I know tomorrow will be another day of visitors..I hope it does not stress her to much. Please watch the videos Heather has been posting..she loves sharing pictures and music which are meaningful in her life. I know it is her prayer that through her life and the life of our family, others will discover the wonders of a life in Jesus..and even through her pain..she is doing her best to further His kingdom.
I couldn't love her more..or be more proud.

May you all have a blessed Sunday celebrating our Savior!


  1. Christian I will continue to pray that Hetty's pain eases. I cannt imagine how hard it is to see you wife in bed in so much pain. You are an awesome husband and awesome man of GOD. Hetty thank you for keepin up with us even hen you are in utter pain. Hetty you truly are inspiring courageous and have a strong heart. Love you will not stop praying. Blessings your way and lots of hugs

  2. God Bless Hetty and Christian and the whole family.

    May he shine his light upon you,
    May he hold you all in his hands and comfort you,
    May he bear the pain and stress away to heaven,
    So that the whole family are healed.

  3. Hetty is truly Blessed to have you as a husband. We are continuing to pray for all of y'all.

  4. Schuylar 'Sky' CristFebruary 7, 2010 at 5:34 PM

    I continue to pray for all of you. These days are difficult, but in Christ all things are possible. These days will end soon and everyone can be back to a normal life of loving God and His people and sharing His love with others. We are thankful that we know The Great Physician and to know He loves us and wants His best for us.

  5. Hetty I am praying for you and for your pain to lessen and go away...I pray for this next procedure to show the docs what they need to do. Christian I am praying for you also...and also for your little girl....God can and will do miracles...