Day 3 - Heather's Epilepsy Journey

The theme for today is: Transition

I feel out of sorts. I am doing my best to transition between Dad, Husband, Employee, Christian...Then again..why do I think I have to choose? In all reality, I am all of these..24/7 365 days/year.

I was not able to spend as much time by Heather's side today. Our daughter Tory has developed a full body rash..and to the best of our understanding it is Stress related. Tory is 8 yrs old..and probably the most amazing 8 yr old on the planet. I might be biased..but truly she is a remarkable little girl whom God is grooming for his glory! I kept her home today and took another day off of work. After addressing her rash..we decided to head up and see Heather (this is truly what I felt Tory needed to help with her stress)..when we arrived at the hospital I found out because of the flu season, only children 12 and older are allowed to visit. By the grace of God, we were able to talk our way in. ;) According to the RN attending to Heather, she had a good night and the nausea has been less frequent. They are still giving her pain meds every hour..but she is finally transitioning to being more comfortable. She developed a Black Eye overnight and she is a bit swollen on her left side..but overall she looked fantastic!

We were able to spend an hour with her and even took some pictures! I believe she has posted these on her facebook account. She was very talkative and Tory got the opportunity to feed her which made her feel very special. Tory is very sentimental and she mentioned to me after we left that "Mommy use to feed me..I really wanted to help her like she helped me and feed her"..she was very proud. Tory is at that point in her life wher she too is transitioning to becoming a young girl...and the relationship with her Heather is more important than ever.

Heather felt well enough to begin to tweet today..you cannot keep a good woman down..and Heather is truly a good woman! I am proud of her that through her pain..she has remained true to her beliefs and has been an example of Jesus for the entire staff that has taken care of her. I have heard the way that others treat the RN team..or the things they say when in pain..I am happy to report that Heather has been a Christian example..every moment.

As we transiton to the next phase of her journey..I know Heather will continue to be the light she is...the doctors are going to stress her body soon..they want her to have seizures so they can monitor her brain wave activity...this is the only way they will be able to decide the next step and know what portion of her brain can be removed...but through the stress..she will glorify God.

I have heard from many of you and cannot begin to express my gratitude for your love and care for Heather, Tory and myself. I couldn't sleep last night in our bed..I missed Heather too much. But the couch provided a great place to rest and contemplate the future. I am confident that once Heather is home and recovers..we will begin our transition of helping others in a much bigger way. I know Heather has goals...so do I. We both truly believe that the best way to impact others is to live a transparent life..one which shows our failures, but glorifies God's amazing grace through it all. We are in transition...may God bless our present, use our past and expand our future.

Until tomorrow..God Bless you all.


  1. god bless Heather....i can remember the pain, nausea, and i relate......and Christian, my wife relates to how u feel too! I lift u guys up in prayer!

  2. I thank Jesus every day and more for you Christian.... dearest hubby God ever could have blessed me with.... know that!!!!!

  3. Ah Heather....I am praying for you girl....your pics look amazing...I am also praying for your little girl..mine is 12 and I know how she would be.....


  4. Christian thank you for keeping us updated about Hetty. SO many people are praying for you Hetty. So blessed that you guys are in my life. Thank you Lord for Hetty and Her family.
    Lord as the dr begin to make Hetty have seizures comfort her and hold her close Lord. Lord ease her pain through the seizures. Lord you are in control.
    Hetty love you and I will continue to pray for you my friend. Big hugs to you.