Day 2 - Heather's Epilepsy Journey

As I sat in Heather's room last night watching her drift in and out of sleep and witnessing the pain she was in...it made me think about Psalm 40. Many of you may know Heather's story..but she has gone through alot in her life. Most of it without knowing the love, peace and comfort of Jesus. Her journey is still in progress and like all journey's...sometimes you have to go through dark places to find the promised land.
Funny thing is..although Heather is in serious pain..I truly believe she would say this is not a dark place...this is the path she wants..one that she feels she must pass through to reach the promised land of better health. Heather does not better health for her however...she would say she wants to be a better Mom, a better Wife and better witness for Jesus. Sure she would love the freedom better health would bring for herself..and there may be a little selfish desire within her...who wouldn't! But, honestly..Heather is about helping others..it is what drives her. I pray God grants her this wish.
Today was a day of pain. Pretty much all day. Heather has had to have pain medicine administered every hour or she was in tears. Pain and Nausea medicine. However thru the pain, there were some victories. We were able to get her out of ICU and into her Neurological room this afternoon. During that move, God allowed her to be relatively pain free and even smile and talk for awhile. I think most of you saw the pictures! She is an amazingly strong woman..but she has a smile that is infectious. She also had an opportunity to meet with her favorite Dr. of all-time. Her personal Neurologist Dr. Joseph Drazkowski. Fortunately Heather loves me and Dr. Draz is married..or she would leave me in an instant! ;) Just kidding. Dr. Drazkowski is the perfect Dr. for her. He listens to her with a kind heart, spends time with her when needed and cares like she was his own daughter. We are blessed to have such an incredible Dr. leading Heather's epilepsy journey. It sounds like they plan on starting Heather's testing Thursday. Pray her pain starts to ease and that she is able to rest tonight.
And do me a favor...read Psalm 40.

God is Great and so are all of you....
Until tomorrow...
In His Grip,
Christian Siebens @flyingchristian for wife @AliveinMe / @EpilepsyCures and our AMAZING LORD AND SAVIOR-JESUS CHRIST!


  1. Thanks for sharing this with us. We love her and are praying for her and for you and Tory.

  2. I love Psalm 40...my favorite part of this passage is "Do not withhold your mercy from me O Lord; may your love and your truth always protect me." His love is surrounding both of you at this time. Thank you so much for keeping us updated!

  3. I am praying for you Heather. God is not finished with you yet. I am so thankful that the surgery is behind you. I am excited to see what Jesus is going to do to guide you into your next step of this journey. You are a true blessing to me and so many others. (via FB & Twitter) Your testimony has really touched my heart. May God bless you and do a complete healing in your body. I will be praying for your testing. I will look forward to your daily updates. May God continue to use you for His Glory. Love your sister in Christ, Renee Fiorilli :0)

  4. And I thank Jesus for you all!!! God bless you... from our hearts...