New Year- New Focus for ALL

It is now a whole New Year-- WOW!! It has been one crazy year for me... but still, very blessed. Back when my ex still had "our" daughter finally visiting him in the summer- this year it was a disaster. He has a new wife that is so controlling and jealous- so eight days I went without hearing back from my daughter-- mind you- who also has epilepsy. But I yes, was aggressive-- and talked directly to him about that. Led him to asking me and my husband (who has raised her) -to have him adopt her. That stress always causes seizures with me. More than I already have. We also decided in February to go forth with my third brain surgery-- to control seizures on perhaps one medication, not six. So we waited on the MEG test- it finally came up in November- in the same state where I had my baby girl- and my ex and his new wife live. So seizures they needed came on easily and quick-- that was an AMAZING test! Helps them see, after you've had brain surgery a couple times- or if it is a first even and it might be close to something important-- where seizures hit- how close to certain areas it shows-- helps map what they can and cannot take out. I then blissfully came back from AL with H1N1--- and was down for about a month. And that led to my B12, iron, and Vitamin D going low again. When I got better-- just in time for my birthday-- I had a great birthday. I also was able to finally go visit my dear friend @jasonmitchener --who had a rare neuromuscular disease and was paralyzed from shoulders down, on a ventilator. Would always visit and be inspired by his amazing stories-- even thru his illness-- while living in this tiny room-- of two, with a curtain. I went up on the 17th, he had passed away late the 16th-- made it thru my birthday he always remembered on the 15th. My heart was wrenched. But I know he is in a Better Place-- with Jesus. 
Now we are still waiting on the surgery date for me-- but I am excited. Gotta get thru the New Year-- and have all neurologists back in offices here, MN, and FL-- for conference. Then we will see what way is the best way. Half awake brain surgery-- or just subdural in many areas again. Mayo is one amazing hospital.
I have been thru all old and brand new medications... looking for any advice or feedback, I can sure help with that... and just know, if brain  surgery isn't an option- there are amazing devices to come, not the VNS or RNS. But more. So keep the faith. New Year is always a New beginning. As is every new day!! Reach for every star you wish to-- you can do it!

Blessings to you all!!

Heather Siebens  @EpilepsyCures and @AliveinMe


Psalm 116:1-2    I love the LORD because He hears and answers my prayers. Because He bends down and listens, I will pray as long as I have breath!!

Happy New Year!!!!!

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